Rear body mount holes drilling gauge (1/8 track)

Shipping excluded * Shipment 3 days

As you know, body cutting is crucial for aerodynamics performance, and Desiles Aero pays attention to whole details about that.
Today we present to you an important item to cut your bodyshell always with the same precision, a rear body mount hole drilling gauge, for 1/8 track. For sure, that's for driver who don't use precut bodyshell.
You must have a well body reference to adjust the distance between the rear end to the rear body mount hole. Lead instructions on the inside manual and enjoy. Easy to repeat exactly the same way to drill holes.
Desiles aero decline this tools for Mugen ; Serpent ; Xray ; Capricorn ; Shepherd ; Forfaster Z1 at the moment. For Infinity, ARC, Corally and Buri, be patient, it will be available very soon.
If you have few brands, do not need to buy one for each brand you own, just buy the right spacer.

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