Désiles radio box kit for Velox 1:8 (v2.0)

Désiles radio box kit for Velox (V8 and V8.2) with cable guide to lower the gravity center of electronic tray.

available on 72 h

This Désiles radio box kit allows an easier mounting of the receiver on your Velox car.
The both caps ("inside" and "outside") allow a very easy access to your receiver.

This kit is sold with two cable guides, allowing the whole electronic tray to be lowered by 1 mm, so to lower the center of gravity. Cables are held securely to prevent them from a rubbing on the steering horn, for example.

The kit allows a "normal" mounting of SANWA no antenna receiver (RX-482 ans RX-481wp).

Two M3 thread holes are on the "outside" cap to mount something, like a lest for example.

Version : v2.0

Average mass of kit : 21.9 g (original radio box : 13.0 g).

Sold without original electronic tray ; without servos ; without receiver.


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